Lounge Culture


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Another question for the community, has the traditional “lounge culture” lifestyle died with the passing generation? I’m a huge fan of the tiki and lounge lifestyle but it seems to be passé.
I can safely say the “lounge culture” is alive but harder to locate. The early days of the internet (1999-2004) searchers could find a dozen lounge related sites, now just only a few and these for the most part are stale.

Fresh content brings interest and page rank, why don’t you launch a lounge site yourself?
In the old days people had individuality now they’re like cattle eating slop on social media portals, look at what happened to the political leaders around the globe, they dumb it down for the morons vote.

Learning is no longer in vogue.
I have a bundle of “lounge” related domains that are RIPE for development, wish I more time to get them launched but then again, is there really any interest?

The current web surfing generation probably has zero retro interest.